CookDiary 3 goes mobile

CookDiary 3 for PC and CookDiary for Windows Phone 7 have been released.

CookDiary 3 is free for users of CookDiary 2, the smartphone app is provided free of charge for everyone.

Smartphone App

Your recipes accompany you now wherever you go. You just need CookDiary 3 to upload your recipes and the smartphone app for Windows Phone 7 and they are at your fingertips.

CookDiary is finally getting mobile.

CookDiary for PC

CookDiary for PC has arrived at version 3. You can now easily sync your recipes for usage with the CookDiary smartphone app.

But we did much more. Scaling of ingredients works even better now, you can enter more information for your recipes, you can delete all recipes in a category with ease, backups are easier to handle and so on…

We also squashed some bugs. Printing previews will work as they are supposed to, the import is more reliable, MealMaster-Import should work with all languages now and some bits have been shuffled around to improve the whole CookDiary experience.

Have fun!

Download the Demo or start your registered version which will notify you about the update.