Thanks for your feedback

CookDiary 3.2

CookDiary 3.2 is built on your feedback. We collected a lot of great requests and wishes and would like to thank you for your support with this (free) update.

Recipe pictures

Until now you could add pictures to your recipes by:

  • clicking on the empty plate and choosing a picture file on your PC
  • dragging and dropping a picture file from your pc on the empty plate
  • dragging and dropping a picture from your internet browser on the empty plate

The last option is your favorite but due to technical reasons it can’t work on every picture in the web. So we added another option:

Just click on your desired picture (in the webbrowser or your graphics program) with the right mouse button and choose “Copy” to copy it to the clipboard.

Now you can paste it to your recipe by clicking on the paste symbol.

This works with all pictures (not only) in the web and should ease collecting your recipes even more.

Recipe information

Many users asked for a separate comment field. We gladly added it and took the opportunity to improve the recipe card and the ordering of the information on it as a whole.

Recipe Editor


The Calendar is heavily used by our customers and we collected a lot of great feedback for it. Some people wanted to sort their recipes on a day and others would love to see shopping lists and the cooking assistant updated when changes in the calendar are made.

We hope you like the calendar now even more.

Scaling ingredients

We improved the scaling of ingredient amounts. CookDiary works now better with spaces and hyphens.

Printing in the Demo

Especially after our improvements for printing many foodies asked us how to test it since it had been deactivated in the demo. We changed this. The demo prints now like the full version but adds a watermark to the prints. So you can really test printing before buying.

Print Recipe

Thanks to all our users for the great feedback so far. Keep it coming and enjoy cooking.

Download the Demo or start your registered version which will notify you about the update.


CookDiary 3.2.1

This update fixes some problems when scaling ingredients.

CookDiary 3.2.2

Another fairly frequent wish was to choose the starting day for the calendar. This is now possible with CookDiary 3.2.2. Just open the options and choose your favorite day.

CookDiary 3.2.3

Due to popular demand ISO A5 has been added to the standard printing formats.