CookDiary with Cloud support

CookDiary 4.1

Recipes on your smartphone.

CookDiary for Windows Phone

Simultaneous with this CookDiary update for the PC we update CookDiary for Windows Phone. You can now synchronize recipes and shopping lists to your smartphone.

Recipes in the cloud

In CookDiary 4 you can store your recipes in cloud services like SkyDrive, DropBox or GoogleDrive. This keeps your recipes secure even if your PC is malfunctioning or you want to switch to another computer.

These cloud services install a program on your PC which synchronize a folder with the cloud automatically.

You merely have to use this folder for storing your recipes which you can configure in CookDiary easily.



CookDiary 4.1.4

This update allows you to upload your recipe pictures in high quality. You recipes will look great especially on smartphones with a high resolution.