Who should use CookDiary? 

CookDiary is tailored to people who love to cook and collect recipes.

It is especially good at planing meals. You can create eating plans and shopping lists with ease.

How can I manage recipes with CookDiary ?

You can enter all necessary information for a recipe, rank it and sort it into categories. A recipe can be sorted in more than one category e.g. “Cake” and “Dessert”.

The handy search can find recipes by name, ingredients and heritage in seconds.

How do I plan meals with CookDiary?  

You easily drag your recipes into your Eating plan. You can print the plan and pin it on the fridge for all your family members to see. Further you can create a shopping list for a week or cook your recipes with the help of the cooking assistant. The ingredient amounts are calculated automatically.

How do I fill my CookDiary with recipes? 

It is easy to import recipes from big recipe websites in CookDiary Deluxe. You can do this without starting browser.

Further CookDiary Deluxe can import recipes stored in the popular Meal-Master format which is used to share recipes online.

Needles to say you can enter recipes manually with CookDiary Basic. CookDiary even helps with suggesting ingredients while you type.

How does CookDiary help me shopping? 

Shopping lists can be created with ease. Ingredient amounts are automatically calculated. This even works with your weekly or daily eating plan.

Print your shopping lists anytime to take them with you. Or synchronize them with CookDiary for Windows Phone.

How does CookDiary help my cooking

CookDiary supports you with the build in cooking assistent. It automatically calculates ingredient amounts and shows you step by step that you have to prepare next.

You can even cook multiple recipes at once.

Are my recipes available online? 

No. CookDiary saves your recipes locally on your PC. The Cloud-Features of CookDiary Deluxe are only activated with permission by you.

How do I backup my recipes? 

CookDiary can backup and restore your recipes whenever you want.

With CookDiary Deluxe you can also choose where you recipes are stored. You could for instance tell CookDiary to save the recipes in a folder you synchronize with SkyDrive, DropBox or GoogleDrive.

Does CookDiary run on my PC? 

CookDiary has been developed for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Most PCs should be able to run it. You can test it at once by downloading the demo.

My PC warns me when I try to install CookDiary. What has happened? 

CookDiary contains no viruses or malware. Unfortunately some security filters like SmartScreen by Microsoft or Norton products are very cautions. We try to alleviate this somewhat by certifying CookDiary but since we are not as widely distributed as Microsoft Office for instance and update our software very regularly some of these filters will warn nonetheless.

If you did download CookDiary on our site you can install it without risk.

I did buy CookDiary but I’m not 100% satisfied. 

We need your feedback to make CookDiary the best recipe software there is. So please tell us if you have new ideas or miss something.